ALVA develops our exterior light fixtures working in close collaboration with architects, lighting designers, building engineers and property owners.

Key Features:

  • We offer large scale fixtures based on requests from architects looking for fixtures that work with large scale facades

  • All electronics are designed using the best-in-class components to optimize energy-efficiency and life time.

  • All ALVA exterior fixtures have an industry-leading IP66 rating as we’ve learned that maintenance crews often power wash light fixtures on the façade.

Our architectural grade exterior wall sconces are made in the USA to withstand the harshest weather environments.We handcraft all of our fixtures out of heavy gauge aluminum in our California factory. They are finished using an industrial grade primer and architectural finish designed for decades of harsh exterior use. All our acrylics are designed for exterior usage and rated for over 20 years. Click on one of our outdoor exterior wall sconces below for more information, or fill in the form below and one of our specialists will reach out to you.




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